Together, we will weather this time,
and we will be stronger than we could have ever thought possible

as a result of this experience.

A Letter of Care

Dear Colleagues:


Highgate’s success has always depended on our people and the ability to adapt and evolve in a highly competitive industry. The safety and well-being of our team members, partners and guests is always top of mind for us. This focus is further enhanced in challenging times.

Together, we are experiencing a “new” normal that is anything but ordinary. We have been told to stay home, work from home, educate our children from home and limit our physical and personal interactions. A tremendous amount of planning and coordination has been done to allow us to work from home under the best conditions possible. Those efforts, along with your uninterrupted hard work and focus, have allowed us to continue operating during a time when our teams need us most.

This dedication, care and support allows us to continue the spirit of hospitality that we should all be proud of. Due to our unique culture, we often refer to Highgate as a family company. A challenging moment like this is the time to embrace our values as a family. Your personal caring and help make a tremendous difference and make us a stronger team.

Highgate Charitable Foundation (HCF) is proud to sponsor a newly established Associate Relief Fund with an initial $500,000 contribution from the firm. The HCF Associate Relief Fund is available to provide financial support to associates who have been affected by COVID-19. It will also be used to provide support in future disasters. Detailed information about eligibility can be found under the Relief tab or at To the extent you can – please help. Many within our Highgate family have been significantly impacted and have to cope with grave challenges as a result of this crisis. If you can, please help them to get through this – this is a time when we can all help each other.

Along with everyone else at Highgate, I am working hard to cope with this crisis and am inspired by the way our company has risen to this challenge – with flexibility, resilience, courage and a caring heart. Thank you for your enormous contributions. We will continue to work together, share together and support each other – across all parts of the business – and come through this a stronger and a more united Highgate family. Let’s make this one of our finest hours.

Be well. Stay well.




Steve Barick