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Highgate Associate Relief Fund

As an extension of the Highgate Charitable Foundation, the Highgate Associate Relief Fund was established to support colleagues facing unexpected challenges in times of global or regional disaster and personal hardship. Every contribution, when combined with the donations of others, can provide a much needed grant to help a fellow associate in need.  

At this time, eligible full-time associates affected by 
natural disasters may apply for charitable grants that help address basic and critical needs. 


Qualifying associates are active Highgate employees whose employment was recently disrupted by natural disasters.

A Selection Committee of Highgate personnel has been entrusted to make consistent and non-discriminatory decisions based on objective criteria established by the Foundation’s directors.

The Highgate Associate Relief Fund assists qualifying associates who are facing financial hardship (a willingness but inability to meet debts and obligations) due to unprecedented hardship and other disasters that may occur in the future. This effort will focus on supporting colleagues with the most pressing financial needs including rent and utility payments to groceries, childcare, and medical assistance.




The decision to grant an associate financial assistance through this fund will be made at the discretion of the Highgate Associate Relief Fund Selection Committee.

To be eligible, the associate must meet the following criteria:

  • Employed in a regular, full-time capacity

  • Employed with Highgate for a minimum of 90 days 

  • In good standing with the organization

  • Not on leave

  • Not an intern, contractor, or temporary associate

Associates may be disqualified from receiving such aid in the event:

  • Individual was hired on a temporary basis or through a third-party contract

  • Falsified information is discovered

  • Circumstance changes in a way that need for financial assistance does not meet established criteria or assistance is no longer required

  • The associate is no longer employed with Highgate

Any exceptions to the above eligibility criteria must be approved in writing by the Executive Panel.


Requesting Financial Aid

Requests for funds must come from the Associate in need, with awareness of the property General Manager, Human Resources, above-property management or Corporate Department Head.  If you are seeking assistance, click on the ‘Apply’ button below.


The completed form must be submitted online to the Selection Committee.  You must complete the application, but your supervisor, Human Resources or the property General Manager can help you submit the application on-line if you wish.  Incomplete applications will be automatically denied. Requests for funds are subject to the Selection Committee's discretion and approval. Determinations will be made and prioritized based on severity of need, volume of requests, and availability of funds.  The Selection Committee will respond to all requests with a formal determination. All requests for funds are confidential and any personal information including the Associate’s name will be omitted from the decision-making process.


Application Review

All applications will be reviewed and responded to, with the goal of providing payment to approved applicants within approximately two weeks.  A committee member will respond with the following:

  • Request for additional information (if needed)

  • Approval or decline of request

  • Issuance of payment (if approved)

Receiving Payment

Approved requests will be routed for payment through the Accounts Payable department. No payments will be issued to the Associate’s regular pay cycle or wired to their direct deposit account on file.

Tax Implications

For Recipients:  Monies received from this fund are tax free and are not included in income or subject to withholding or payroll taxes.

For Donors: Donations made to the Highgate Associate Relief Fund and Highgate Charitable Foundation are contributions to a public charity that is an exempt organization pursuant to section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1984, as amended.  Contributions may be deductible for U.S. taxpayers.  Please consult your tax advisor to determine how much of your contribution may be deductible.  Donation receipts will be issued to those who contribute $250 or more in a single contribution.

Interpretation of the Plan
The Highgate Charitable Foundation/Highgate Associate Relief Fund reserve the right to modify or discontinue the plan at any time.


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